My new #SpotifyPlaylist is online ! (week 04)

My new #SpotifyPlaylist 🎧 is online (update mondays)


Go to >>> ♫♫♫


Enjoy ❤ Your DJ Michael Maretimo




Hour 1

1 Pascal Dubois Back to Life (Green Voltage Mix)

2 DJ Maretimo Cosmopolitan Cocktail (Mix la nuit)

3 Michael E. Mi Casa

4 Airstream Land of Dreams (Escape Mix)

5 Citrus Jam Let Me Arrive (Smooth World Mix)

6 Cantoma Maja

7 Frank Borell Nature Things (Basic Mix)

8 Island Sun Space Revolt (The Lonley Hunter Mix)

9 Vladi Strecker Drive (Highway Six Mix)

10 Bar Blue My Way (In the Lounge Mix)

11 Frank Borell Cinematic Soundscapes (Best View Mix)


Hour 2

12 Sean Hayman Island in the Sky (Sail Away Mix)

13 Sofa Sweeper Urban Streets (Rough and Tough Mix)

14 Pascal Dubois Shape Universe (Breaktime Mix)

15 Citrus Jam Sea Fair (Over the Seas Mix)

16 Paco Flores Andalucia

17 Bar Blue Walk in the Moonlight (Smoother Cut)

18 Bliss Wish U Were Here

19 Vladi Strecker Dwelling in the Sky (Air Castle Mix)

20 Island Sun Be Happy the Day (Endless Fly Mix)

21 Frank Borell New Dreams (Slowmotion Mix)

22 Clive Button End of the Day

23 Le Voyage Sleep and Dream (Arabian Nights Mix)


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