My new #SpotifyPlaylist is online ! (week 06)

My new #SpotifyPlaylist 🎧 is online (update mondays)


Listen here >>> ♫♫♫


Enjoy ❤ Your DJ Michael Maretimo




1 Vladi Strecker Morning Beach (Ante Meridiem Mix)

2 Frank Borell Clocks of Deepness (Level Six Mix)

3 Sean Hayman Journey to the Planets (Misterious Art Mix)

4 Nunzio La Vecchia The First Touch

5 Bay Area         San Francisco Sun (Chinatown Mix)

6 Pascal Dubois Mojito (Smack Groove Mix)

7 The Man Behind C. Back on the Street (Smooth Jazz Mix)

8 Schiller Schiller

9 The Ocean Piano Wedding on the Sea (Blueline Mix)

10 Cocogroove Blue Mantra (Lunatico Mix)

11 Frank Borell Electric Fusion (Reactor Mix)

12 Asian Chill Art Bamboo Plaza (Silent Monsun Cut)

13 Sky Loft         Tapas y Tango (Sierra Madre Mix)

14 Sean Hayman Float in Height (E-Lectric Mix)

15 Frank Borell Finger Lakes (Outer Space Mix)

16 Groovecatcher Never Alone in New York

17 Mahoroba Amazing Colours (Fly With Me Mix)

18 Citrus Jam Indian Puppet (Swingin Mumbai Cut)

19 Sofa Surfers Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)

20 Cafe Americaine Maritime (caribic flow mix)

21 Chris Rea On the Beach - New Version 2008

22 Dreamscape Electric Emotion (Mystic Steps Mix)

23 Sofa Sweeper Rebeat Seventeen (Future City Mix)

24 Bay Area Celtic Trace (Triaphon Trip)


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