Now available ! Bossa Grooves Maretimo Vol.1 (05/26/2023)

26.05.2022 - brazilian flavoured lounge music 

Out Now ! Bossa Grooves Maretimo Vol.1 (26.05.2023) brazilian flavoured lounge music

Immerse yourself in the sounds of "Bossa Grooves Maretimo Vol.1" - a unique CD that invites you to dream with Brazilian-influenced lounge music and the rhythm of Bossa Nova.

Enjoy the relaxing soundtrack that sounds like the sea and vacation and immediately transports you to tropical climes.

"Bossa Grooves Maretimo Vol.1" offers the perfect musical accompaniment for relaxing hours at the beach, pool or just in your deck chair at home.

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01. Groove Gauchos – tequila sunrise
02. Vladi Strecker – albina
03. Stereo Gringos – arte moderna
04. Jazz City – a good heart
05. Groove Gauchos – manana rebella
06. Vladi Strecker – one day on earth
07. Stereo Gringos – espirito brasileiro
08. Stereo Gringos – taco bossa
09. Groove Gauchos – conga morena
10. Space Tourist – radio times
11. DJ Maretimo feat. Stereo Gringos – playa relaxando
12. Chillwalker – pequeno angelito
13. Vladi Strecker – winter time
14. Citrus Jam – watching seagulls
15. Groove Gauchos – costa nova
16. Stereo Gringos – digital face
17. Cafe Americaine – jingles
18. Stereo Gringos – thunder over tenerife


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