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Also avalaible at: Alexa, Sonos,, and all other well known portals for onlineradios and of course in your regular internetradio at your home.


Listen to "Maretimo Lounge Radio" 🎧 24/7 the wonderful world of lounge music - in the mix Lovingly hand selected & mixed to a unique sound journey by DJ Michael Maretimo.


Nonstop the best lounge & chillout music pearls for: hotels, bars, clubs, stores, or just to relax at your home.

You need chillout music to work with ? The program of Maretimo Lounge Radio is your perfect soundtrack as backround music while working.

Maretimo Lounge Radio the home of great lounge & chill artist like: Enigma, Cinematic, Schiller, Frank Borell, Sean Hayman, Cafe Americaine, Blank & Jones, Michael Maretimo, DJ Pippi, Vladi Strecker, Peter Pearson, Paul Hardcastle, Jazzy James Junior, Chris Coco, Pascal Dubois, Sky Sergeant, Cantoma, Jose Padilla, Persia Beatz, Le Voyage, Peter White, Chillwalker, Satin Jackets, Michael E. and many more - The wonderful world of lounge music !


This is what you get

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