Meine neue #SpotifyPlaylist ist online! (KW 03)

DJ Michael Maretimo Chill, Lounge, House, Latin

Meine neue #SpotifyPlaylist 🎧 ist online (Update montags)

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Viel Spaß ❤ Euer DJ Michael Maretimo

Hour 1

01 Pascal Dubois Beach Pearl on Ibiza (White Waves Cut)
02 Manoa Repeat it in slow motion (trippin clouds mix)
03 Frank Borell Mosaic of Images (Psychedelic Dream Cut)
04 Marga Sol Free Your Mind
05 Sean Hayman The Forest (Nature Mix)
06 Phonotronic E-Phase (Stargate Mix)
07 Michael E. Carried By the Wind
08 Skindive Inc. The Day Before Tomorrow (Pure Flamenco Cut)
09 Sean Hayman Skydive (Freefall Mix)
10 Bay Area Urban Walk (Blowjob Cut)
11 Panafrican Project Rastafari Lounge (Ska Mix)

Hour 2
12 Mahoroba Heavens Flow (Secrets Air Cut)
13 Citrus Jam Can’t Sleep This Night (Night and Day Mix)
14 Afterlife How Does It Feel
15 Cafe Americaine Mariachi de Mexico (Sierra Groove Cut)
16 Arno Elias El Corazon
17 Frank Borell 1001 Dreams (Fairytale Mix) – Fairytale Mix
18 Manoa Angel Voice (Wide Flow Mix)
19 Satin Sound System Guyana Gateway (Hypnotango Mix)
20 Sonic Adventure Project Waters in Motion
21 Vladi Strecker With You (NYC Nightflight Mix)
22 Pascal Dubois Citybreak (5th Avenue Mix)
23 Sofa Sweeper Voice of Core (Mystic Voices Mix)

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