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Maretimo Chill Radio - DJ Maretimo - Maretimo Records

Free "MARETIMO WEB-RADIOS" lounge, Chillout, Chillhouse, Latin & house music

Listen 🎧 24/7 the finest: lounge, chillout, chillhouse, latin & house music, in the mix. Lovingly hand selected and mixed to a unique sound journey by DJ Michael Maretimo.


Perfect for: clubs, bars, hotels, stores, to work with, for study, to sleep, for reading, for painting, for yoga, for workout, for dancing or just to chill and groove at your home.


You need chill music to work with ? The program of Maretimo Lounge Radio & Maretimo Chill Radio is your perfect soundtrack as background music while working.


Free Radio App for IOS & Android > Download here


Also avalaible at: Alexa, Echo, Sonos, Bose,,, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and all other well known portals for onlineradios and of course in your regular internetradio at your home.


DJ Maretimo at your event ? More info > this way




Maretimo Webradios - also on YouTube !

Beautiful HD videos merge together with music to a perfect symbiosis of image and sound.

This is what you get

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